Cloud9 x MaiKa'i LED Bungee


$ 35.00 


With its unique and futuristic design, this Mouse Bungee will blow your mind! With its list of special features, it will impress your fellow gamers, while making you look mean! The mouse bungee has a good weight distribution and will not move when you are gaming. Its solid silicone base coating ensures that the mouse bungee sticks to the surface, so you will not get your cord interrupted.

The bungee shifts between 7 different colors in its LED display, to really light up the stage! This feature is all about style and presence! It will make all the players look at you and your gear with envy! The colors are: Red, purple, yellow, blue, grey, turquoise, white. You can control which color you would like by pressing the button on Mouse Bungee.

The bungee is equipped with no less than 3 USB 3.0 ports, This guarantees that you will always have charging possibilities for your gaming Config files, your keyboard, and your headset. The USB 3.0 port has the improved SS function (super speed) that can transfer data with an astonishing 5Gbit/s. (625MB/s) which is 10 times faster than the 2.0 standard.

The Cloud9 Mouse Bungee has a mini SD card reader that can be used to transfer data to and from your device. This makes it easy for you to save important information, and always have easy access to it!


  • 3 USB 3.0 ports high speed transfer/charging
  • Changeable 7 colors in LED display
  • Micro SD card port
  • Anti-slip silicone coating on base
  • No driver needed - plug & play
  • Cable length - 4 feet
  • Weight -  6.06 oz