World Finals, Season 4 and Content!! by Hai (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

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  So with Worlds being over I wanted to talk a bit about my experience at finals! My Girlfriend, 2 Brothers and their 2 friends came up for worlds and to hang out! We had some nosebleed seats originally but luckily got to down closer to the ground right behind the caster desk. So they had pretty legit seats! My girlfriend and I went to go watch the game from the VIP AMEX booth instead which was really sweet! There was free food there and had a giant dessert cart with ice cream, cake and cookies and stuff! Was legit

C9 Balls talks about C9's match against Fnatic (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

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Hey, second blog here and I’m going to talk about our games against Fnatic and my thoughts about the matches. We watched all of Fnatic’s group stage games and also scrimmed against them before. Xpeke’s Orianna was really annoying in our scrims and that’s why we prioritize banning Orianna over Kassadin. Orianna also wins most of the mid lane matches and also counters diving champs with her shields. In my opinion, it is way easier to shut down a Kassadin in lane then an Orianna. Our first game against Fnatic, we messed up our level one because we forgot that Lissandra has teleport and that stopped our level one invade on trying to get their blue buff. I was playing Shen that game against a Lissandra and the lane matchup favors Lissandra because she can shove the lane, stop my ult, and escape ganks pretty well. She also outscales Sheen later with her awesome cc for team fighting.

SKT vs Royal World Finals Impressions by LemonNation (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

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  SKT vs Royal World Grand Finals Impressions well watching the games Pre-Game: Royal: Royal came into this tournament as a huge underdog. It was a common impression among many analystss and players that OMG had thrown the matches in the Chinese regional finals. And I believe that does have some truth to it, as OMG did use Coma their Sub, rather than bigpomelo. OMG wanted to be in the group stages, since they were confident in being able to make it out of their group, and wanted to avoid facing SKT or Ozone who would be put against two of the teams with byes. OMG certainly did try their hardest in the games vs royal, but they did not put their strongest roster forth. Royal really stepped it up after they qualified for worlds, and has been playing on top of their game. Their extremely aggressive playstyle, with NO hesitation at all has really been dominant. I also believe Tabe and Uzi are both the best at their roles, which makes them the best bot lane in the world at the moment.

Sneaky talks about C9's match against Fnatic (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

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Hello everyone, I am Sneaky from Cloud 9. I’m basically just going to go over my thoughts on our games versus Fnatic, what I’ve been doing and what I will be doing for the next few weeks. So for our first game against Fnatic they kind of surprised us with the three bans specifically aimed at Hai. It was something we didn’t really account for in our planning so we ended up keeping our cools and looking for other options. Gragas being one of the few choices left for Hai to play was our pick, which didn’t pan out too bad for us. It didn’t destroy Kassadin or do really well against it, but I felt like it was okay. Other than the Gragas our team comp felt good. We ended up with Shen, Ashe, Sona, Elise, and Gragas. The only scary part about their team was the two teleports from sOAZ and xPeke, which was actually a huge amount of pressure. In bottom lane, Lemon and I did not to engage when there was a ward in the bush on our side. Even with a Shen ult any fight bot could turn into a 5v3 in an instant so we just chose to play extremely safe not even pushing our level 6 advantage. Overall I felt like it was a really good game. We had pretty good momentum throughout the game and kept a good lead for a while. Even with the Kassadin and Lissandra teleports. I think the major turning point was when we got split up at a dragon fight and got picked off near 2nd tier turret. Losing us dragon, a 2nd tier turret, and 4 of us for nothing. That really got xPeke snowballing hard and pretty much ended it.

Offseason Plans for Cloud 9 by Hai (Sponsored by iBuyPower)

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  Hey guys/girls, so we just finished Season 3 and we placed top 8 at Worlds, while not ideal it wasn’t terrible I guess either? I wish we could have played at the Galen Center or the Staples Center but we’ll work our very best to do that next year so we don’t disappoint you guys! I’m not planning on going into details about the games or anything relative to Worlds for the time being! Rather I want to focus on the future and let you guys/girls know what are our plans for the off season!

How Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi became a pro LoL player (iBuyPower)

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This is my first blog here on iBuypower and I’m not too sure what direction I want these blogs to head in. I’ll start off my first blog talking about my history and how I “went pro”. I think the start of my gaming career was when my group of friends and I started playing DoTA-Allstars on Warcraft III. I had so much fun playing around with them on easy mode. Some of my favorite heroes back then were techies like Pudge, Mirana, and other solo lane champions. From there I moved into WoW and HoN. I played WoW for a few years back in the 6th grade and kind of set school aside for my gaming. Although my grades were still fine throughout 6-7th they got a little bit worse in 8th grade and my teachers actually had an intervention with my mom about my grades because the didn’t think I would do so hot in high school lol. Another reason why they probably did the intervention is because I slept through most of my classes whenever I got the chance to.

Why North America Historically Has Failed Internationally by LemonNation (iBuyPower)

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Original article from iBuyPower blogs by LemonNation I want NA to win worlds more than anything. I am personally working as hard as possible to make Cloud 9 as good as possible to have the optimal chance at winning worlds. But there will be three North American teams at worlds, and if any of these teams end up winning then I will be extremely happy. One of the reasons NA has historically failed against international competition is because of its reluctance to look outward and the tendency for the NA meta to become inbred and weak. The Adoption of The World Meta The Asian scenes historically have had the most access into videos of the American and European scenes, while the American and Europeans historically having little to no vision into the Asian scenes. This gave the Asians a very significant advantage in the past, which we saw at Season 2 World Championships. This advantage has been erased over the past year, with top games from all over the world now readily available and documented for anyone to view. This research path has leveled the gap tremendously amongst all teams willing to put in the effort and time to look outward into the professional League of Legends world.

Midway Point! by Hai (From iBuyPower)

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So we’re halfway through the LCS season, we have played 15 games out of the 28 total needed. Our record is 13-2 at the moment and we only lost games to CLG and Vulcun. I hope we can continue our dominance through out the rest of the split.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people think we just copy the Koreans or play the overpowered champions but that’s not necessarily true. In one aspect, we do learn from the Koreans. We look at what they consider strong and try adapt their champions or strategy into our own so we can evolve it and make it better for our team. We also pick champions we consider strong for OUR strategy/gameplay. Different champions provide different things to a team, and the ones we pick fit that strategy perfectly. Every team considers different champions overpowered or strong and that’s what makes each team unique. For example, Link likes playing standard AP mids like Orianna/Karthus and he considers those champions “OP/Strong” where as I consider bruisers/assassins strong. Each champion brings different things to a team and some champions will be strong for some teams and weak for others depending on their play style.

We have another 13 games to go and then playoffs, I’m a little bit nervous/unsure of what is going to happen the rest of the split but I’m hoping for the best or at the very least we do our best so we aren’t disappointed with ourselves.

Keep cheering on for us and supporting us, it only makes us play better and we appreciate all the fans we have!  Thanks!

I would also like to thank our sponsors. Thank you iBUYPOWER, Cooler Master, Kingston HyperX, Crunchyroll, LoL-Class, Astro Gaming!

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Smart players, or mechanical players?

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So I just tweeted out saying "Random thought, but I think the best players are the smartest players, not the mechanically godly but dumb players." I'm going to expand on why I believe that way so people can get understand my thought process on that a bit more.  * Smart players don't get caught as often or are usually where they need  to be at the right time. They know where to be on the map, when to apply pressure and how to apply that pressure. A good example of this would be my teammate Meteos, he's a very smart jungler. He's almost always doing something whether it be applying pressure on a lane, a buff or dragon he's doing something with his time and just generally being smart (rarely gets caught/does bad plays). * They can provide a lot of insight into the game itself, as far as picks/bans why champions are strong/weak and just generally will think more about the game. They look at numbers and see why things are good and what can be improved upon. A good example of this is...

My thoughts on the games.

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So we got back from Anaheim last night, at least Lemon, Balls and I did. We went 2-1 this weekend and it's a pretty good score, I wish we could have went 3-0 but we got outplayed by Vulcan so whatever! I'm going to talk about my thoughts on each game and a bit of detail on what we did/could do better so people can get a little insight into our team.   Game 1-  So our first game of the weekend was vs Coast, the game went pretty easy for us. There's not much to say, Meteos went and pushed top down really fast and I got FB on Lissandra mid. When those two things happened, that was game over for them as they lost all control of map when that happened and we were able to snowball to victory. I think losing like this is more graceful than the other team throwing and then you throw after, so I wouldn't be ashamed to be snowballed on if I was Team Coast. Because that does happen to every team and it's not a big deal.  Game 2-  We played CLG in our second game of the weekend and last time we faced them, they beat us :(. This time around we did our picks and level 1 a bit better than last time, Balls died bottom lane when he shouldn't have and gave first blood to them. It was a tiny mistake but...