#C9CS Invades Paris

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The boys from North America have made the journey to cities of Europe! Starting on Tuesday night the 28th in Paris, France at 19:00 CET you can not only meet and greet the team of Cloud9 CS:GO but you will also be given the opportunity to play against them as well! Come out! Say hi! Grab some Cloud9 Official Wristbands! Have a few drinks and get to know the Team of Cloud9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

The address to Meltdown-Paris is as follows:

6 Passage Thiéré, 75011 Paris
Telephone: +33 1 77 11 81 78

Website: www.meltdown-paris.com 

Remember the Meet and Greet begins at 1900 (7:00 PM) so don't be late!

Cloud9 CS:GO FACEIT Day 2 - Team Blog

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       Hey everyone, Jordan here.  Yesterday was the second competition day for us here in Milan, and our third day on the trip overall. We woke up at 7am in preparation for two matches versus team Virtus Pro in hopes to advance out of our group and progress to the playoff stage of the FaceIt World Finals.    We're staying at the Melia hotel in Milan which has a solid breakfast, so we all meet up about 30 minutes prior to leaving to get our most important meal of the day in, together.  After we ate, and I got my usual omelette and fruit in, we grabbed our gaming gear and headed out for a quick 10 minute walk to the convention center. The tournament itself is inside Milan Games Week, so theres quite a crowd we have to walk through near the entrance, and then once we flash our player badges to the appropriate security, we're able to squeeze through the crowd as if we were actual celebrities :).  The tournament setup itself isnt that bad, but the toughest part about it is all the ambient noise from the neighbor booths.  We setup quickly in efforts to get at least 30 minutes of warm up time in, because the event needed to rush our schedule in order to makeup for day 1 network mishaps.    Virtus Pro is a team we've played and beaten before, but we knew we had to come into this game with the mindset of not only winning, but doing so in a overwhelming fashion on the first map in order to maintain a round advantage.  Even if we lost the second map, but had more overall rounds, we would still advance.  So, first game was cache, chosen by our opposition. We started out strong, got the pistol round and were able to run with the momentum to get a 12-3 start.  Second half unfortunately though we lost pistol and gave them too many rounds for our own good, but still closed it off 16-11.    Map two was chosen by us and was inferno.  Our hope was to have a big CT side and be able to grind out the 12 rounds we needed to advance to the playoffs.  We ended up losing CT pistol and went down 6-2 at one point, until winning 4 consecutive rounds to make it 6-6.  After that we unfortunately lost 3 clutch situations in a row which really hurt us, making the score 6-9 going into T side.  After planning out what we thought was a smart T side pistol, we were caught off guard by an aggressive mid push by the Poles and went down 10-6.  After that it was down hill from there, as they maintained a lot of B control by playing aggressive on that side of the map, they kept funneling is into their defensive plans.  We lost the match 16-6 and therefore didnt get enough rounds to pass onto the next stage.     It was an unfortunate experience for us but also a learning one.  We realized that we have the capability to out play most of the teams in the world, but we need to make sure our T sides are more cohesive versus the various passive/aggressive styles we see between the top European teams.  We will be heading into ESWC Paris this next week with some new strategies to test and some intentions to bounce back and show these teams we wont be complacent.      Although our main goal this year is DreamHack winter, I think Paris will be a good place to give it our all and try some new things that we haven't had the confidence in running lately.  Our team struggles to have great practice back home in the US, so hopefully we can use this event to really gain some insight on theories we've been discussing. I ended the day by doing some commenting with Dan "DDK" for the iBP vs LDLC match, which turned out to be quite the surprising upset by our fellow Americans.  I always have fun commentating so I look forward to having that opportunity again in the future, just hopefully not because we got knocked out of an event :).    Since the 25th was also my birthday, we decided to head out to the town and get some dinner/drinks with the boys, regardless of our jet-lagged bodies.  We headed to the most popular part of town and had a fun time running around and getting harassed by the local salesmen of the streets.  Anything from club promoters to people trying to sell you random flare such as colorful hats to oversized sun glasses. After spending hours walking around the city and exhausting ourselves even further we headed back to the hotel and capped off a somewhat disappointing day with a fun night.   Now I'm typing this as I'm about to walk over and watch the finals between iBP and fnatic, which should prove to be an exciting match up! Look out for our team the following week in Paris, and thanks for reading. /Gillz

Cloud9 CS:GO FACEIT Day 1 - Team Blog

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After a long night of delays and setbacks via airport realignments, Sean and Kory finally arrive at the hotel and join Mike, Spencer and myself just shy of midnight and are able to grab a quick bite to eat before attempting to catch as much sleep as they can. The next few hours going forward after arriving that late are crucial to any players mentality and stability going into a tournament day; needless to say, those two were fighting a hard fought battle to keep their sleep schedules regulated despite the timezone changes and jet lag. Unless you've been there and you've done that it really can be a hard concept to grasp of the mental and physical strength requirements of those that travel both domestically and internationally to compete in their respected fields.

  The day begins like most tournament days, in the lobby of the hotel or nearest place that breakfast is available. The team is given set hard times to hit throughout the day and the ones that choose to skip meal per individual ritual are allowed to do so. As a manager I completely understand that it's vital that players stick to what works for them, on the opposite note however, I have also done what I can to encourage the ones that find themselves falling into a slumping pattern to mix it up. Sometimes moving towards refreshment can change a players perspective just enough that it will give them the edge needed to hurdle any obstacles that are hindering them.

  We decided to make the walk over to the venue with the Fnatic CS:GO team. Upon arriving to Milan Games Week we decided to enter at the front door. The line to get into the event was more like a mob of 300+ teen to mid-twenty aged males in which I found myself plowing through the ranks in order to get all six of us to the front of the line. At this point, the event had not opened yet and as such we were met with resistance in our efforts to get to the door. After we had made it through, I noticed that one of my ducklings had not been able to get through with the rest of crew. When I did a headcount coming through the door, Jordan had not made it through to the other side. I did what I had to do and waded my way back out through the sea of gamers to find him and we then moved back inside towards the tournament area.

  The organization of FACEIT has done a phenomenal job of keeping things level headed despite all of the delays they encountered on day one of their first ever LAN event. The multiple hour delay going into our first match against Team LDLC is something that I felt was similar to "freezing the kicker" in an American football game. There were times in which they believed that the problems had been solved, my players would begin warming up again, only to find out that there were indeed another set of delays. This is no excuse for our loss, but it definitely did not help going into the match up. After we played, we held our normal post-game recap of what we did right as well as what we did wrong in an effort to make corrections going forward. Our day at the venue ended just before the first match of Team iBUYPOWER. We headed back to the hotel to drop our bags and get some dinner before returning to the lobby to attend a Manager/Captain meeting held by FACEIT. 

  As the first day of FACEIT Season 2 LAN Finals come to a close it becomes abundantly obvious that there are many things that never quite change in the Counter-Strike community. Delays are inevitable at this point whether it be on the hands of event organizers or the developers of our beloved game. There are immense amounts of knowledge to be gained from each and every event both inside and outside of the game. On our end we are able to take away learning our opponent in many different aspects to include tendencies as well as certain patterns they may set in their strategy end-game. These can be useful tools going forward especially as we progress towards more tournaments during this busy time of the year.

Cloud9 Enters The Storm With New Heroes of the Storm Team

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Cloud9 HyperX is excited to present our new Heroes of the Storm team featuring top names in the competitive MOBA scene. Taking the best and most eager competitive MOBA players, this roster will be one of four select teams to compete at the Heroes Exhibition Tournament at BlizzCon 2014.

The Cloud9 Heroes of the Storm roster is as follows:

Cameron “Bobbyhankhill” Nelson - Captain
Kun “iDream” Fang
Christopher “Zuna” Buechter
Justin “Jintae” Dinh 
Aaron “bischu” Kim

“This is a very big opportunity for many of us so it gives me more drive.” said Cameron “Bobbyhankhill” Neslon, Captain of Cloud9 HOTS. “Cloud 9 is an exalted organization and has top players/teams in multiple games, it would be an honor to carry their name in HOTS.”

Heroes of the Storm will be hitting BlizzCon 2014 first with a BlizzCon Brawl filled with famous YouTube personalities and following that, the Exhibition Tournament with four select teams from leading esports organizations: Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Team Liquid. Tune into the HOTS Exhibition Tournament at 7PM PST here: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/

Check out the Cloud9 Heroes of the Storm team page here: http://cloud9.gg/heroes-of-the-storm/

Check out the Heroes of the Storm website here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/

For more news and announcements from Cloud9 HyperX, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and Facebook at http://facebook.com/cloud9gg.

Cloud9 Joins Up With MOBAFire for Official Build Guides

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Cloud9 HyperX is joining forces with the leading strategy guide tool and community website MOBAFire to exclusively host C9’s League of Legends official player guides for summoners worldwide. Available immediately, each of the C9 League of Legends players have submitted multiple guides for their favorite champions and builds for the current patches.


“Fans, stream viewers, and friends all want to know what our players prefer to build and play.” said Jack Etienne, C9 Team Owner. “Now with MOBAFire, we have an amazing resource to point everyone to.”


Check out the player’s specific guides below:


C9 Sneaky’s Guides

C9 Meteos’s Guides

C9 LemonNation’s Guides

C9 Balls’s Guides

C9 Hai’s Guides


If you want to check out all of the guides, click here.


Cloud9 is very excited to have an official home for our player guides thanks to MOBAFire and we’re looking forward to keeping all the guides freshly updated. If you’d like to see any other guides or have any suggestions, please let us know via our twitter at @cloud9gg.


For more news and announcements from Cloud9 HyperX, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and Facebook at http://facebook.com/cloud9gg.


Cloud9 HyperX Adds FATA to DOTA 2 Roster

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Fata Announcement Blog.png

Cloud9 HyperX Adds FATA to DOTA 2 Roster

Cloud9 HyperX is excited to welcome Adrian “FATA” Trinks to the Cloud9 DOTA 2 roster. Coming from Germany and top teams such as mousesports and Sigma, FATA is definitely ready to take the role of Mid Laner for C9. 

“I’m proud to announce that Fata will be joining Cloud9 DOTA 2.” said Jacky “EternaLEnVyy” Mao, C9 DOTA 2 Team Captain. “We originally tried him out last year and invited him to join us as we felt he was a very good fit but he was not ready to commit at the time.  Now he’s ready to join Cloud9 for our quest for TI5.” 

FATA’s mechanical expertise and deep technical understanding of DOTA 2 makes him the perfect addition to the team. Alongside his duties as our new mid laner, FATA will be taking the lead in drafting to ensure C9’s continued success. 

“After several days of long thinking, I realized that this is the best option due to the fact that the players are extremely skilled, hard working and are ready to commit a lot to the game to achieve the goal of becoming one of the, if not the best team in the world.” added Adrian “FATA” Trinks. “Moreover, Cloud9 is a great organization that will support us on this road. I sincerely hope that I am of aid when it comes to reaching that goal and that we have a successful time together.”

The updated Cloud9 DOTA 2 roster is now:

Team Captain: Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao - Canada
Pittner “bOne7” Armand - Romania
Kurtis “aui_2000” Ling - Canada
Johan “pieliedie” Åström - Sweden
Mid Lane - Adrian “FATA” Trinks - Germany

With the powerful addition of FATA to our C9 DOTA 2, we are very excited to see all the players perform all the way through TI5 and beyond. 

For more news and announcements from Cloud9 HyperX, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and Facebook at http://facebook.com/cloud9gg.

Farewell to SingSing

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Jack Etienne, Cloud9 Team Owner:
"Today we’re announcing that SingSing will be leaving Cloud9 to play with another team.   It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I’ll miss having him as part of our organization.   He is a rare talent that not only is extremely skilled at the game but also a fantastic entertainer who is able to connect with the fans in a way that few players ever do.  Doubtless he will continue to perform at a high level and I’m looking forward to seeing him at future events."

"It has been one of the most exciting and fun periods in my life... Thanks to Cloud9 and my former team mates! I wish you good luck for the next season of DotA 2 and I will be forward looking to play against you as well. My new team is already in the works, but like many teams, only time and experience will tell it's success. 

A big shoutout to all the people who have followed me through my esports journey all the way and of course the ones who have tagged along halfway through. And once again, thank you Cloud9 for taking care of me during my stay on the team!"

Cloud9 HyperX Reloads With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Cloud9 HyperX is proud to announce the addition of a top-tier Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team to our lineup of champion teams. Joining us from compLexity Gaming are North America’s strongest CS:GO roster that’s ready to take on the world’s biggest tournaments.


Joining Cloud9 CS:GO are the following:


Sean “sgares” Gares - United States

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert - United States

Spencer “Hiko” Martin - United States

Kory “Semphis” Friesen - Canada

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek - Canada


“We realized when meeting with Jack that we felt very assured and comforted that this was the next big step on our journey to success in the realm of competitive CS:GO. Our goals and Cloud9's vision for us are one in the same.” said Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Team Captain of Cloud9 CS:GO. “We look forward to working with C9 in every aspect. Not only do we aim to better ourselves at our respective game, we want to benefit the Cloud9 organization and the eSports community as a whole.”


CS:GO’s growth as an eSport and competitive community has been wildly impressive, bringing back much of the original CS 1.6 hype. With the C9 CS:GO line up, the players have had a phenomenal history with the franchise. n0thing is one of three players to hold nine ESEA championships while sgares, Hiko, and Semphis all have numerous winnings in ESCW, ESEA, and WCG events.


“I've been interested in CS:GO's community for some time now and after I saw the amazing crowd at IEM Katowice first hand, I knew I had to get involved.” said Jack Etienne, Owner and General Manager of Cloud9 HyperX. “After speaking with a number of the top teams, I really was impressed with this one particular group and knew right away that we could work well together.”


Cloud9 and its sponsors are absolutely committed to providing a strong foundation for the new players and will ensure they have everything they need to be competing at the highest level of CS:GO worldwide.


For more news and announcements from Cloud9 HyperX, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and Facebook at http://facebook.com/cloud9gg.


Doge House Hearthstone to Join Cloud9 HyperX

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Cloud9 HyperX is very excited to announce that Doge House will be joining as our C9 Hearthstone team. Doge House featured some of the world’s strongest Hearthstone players coming from the US, Poland, Germany and the Ukraine. With this highly talented team, Cloud9 Hearthstone is poised to have the top worldwide players in the fastest growing competitive game in 2014.

Joining Cloud9 Hearthstone are the following:
Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz - Poland
Cong “StrifeCro” Shu - US
Rumay “Hafu” Wang - US
Aleksandr “Kolento” Malsh - Ukraine (Formerly Team Managrind, joining us July 1st, 2014)
Jan “ek0p” Palys - Germany

Unfortunately Doge House teammate Artosis will not be joining Cloud9 Hearthstone right now. The team remains very close with him and looks forward to his many future successes in the ever growing Hearthstone scene.

“Being on a professional team was always one of my dreams. When we created Doge House, we always knew that it was just a matter of time till we join a serious organization.” said Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz, Team Captain of Cloud9 Hearthstone. “We were building our brand, but it's hard being on your own. Cloud9 gives us an opportunity to focus on playing the game we love and improve at it.”

What really drew Cloud9’s attention was that all the players had incredibly strong backgrounds in TCGs, competitive gaming, and more. Gnimsh, the team’s captain, was a WoW TCG professional along with the original Hearthstone villain, ek0p. Hafu has had a number of competitive wins in WoW 3v3 and StrifeCro used to be a top-tier StarCraft 2 competitor. Lastly, Kolento has been the most consistent top Hearthstone ladder player in EU.

“Hearthstone has been growing exponentially and it wasn’t easy finding the right group of players to pick up.” said Jack Etienne, Owner and General Manager of Cloud9 HyperX. “After talking with Gnimsh and his team, it was clear that him and his Hearthstone team would be a perfect fit for Cloud9.”

“Personally I'm super excited about the future with Cloud9. Hearthstone is growing with every day and there is so many tournaments that provide exposure and great challenge.” added Marcin Filipowicz. “I'm also very happy about the direction where Blizzard is taking the game in regards to esports and I'm sure that only good things will happen with so much positive energy coming from all of those involved.”

Cloud9 is thrilled to have such an exceptional Hearthstone team on our roster and will do everything possible to ensure the team’s future success.

For more news and announcements from Cloud9 HyperX, follow us on twitter at @cloud9gg and Facebook at http://facebook.com/cloud9gg.


Meteos on the state of the NA LCS

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NA LCS week 5 wrapped up with Cloud9 tied with TSM at 7/5. Despite some great games, the teams score is sitting well below their usual dominance over the North American scene. A huge number of roster swaps and the addition of support staff on many NA teams has raised the competitive level of the region.

Although analysts predicted unchanged Cloud9 roster would sweep the early season while region adapted to their changes, the team has had a rocky start. I spoke with Meteos regarding the teams performance and his impressions of the other teams.

Did All Stars affect your ability to prepare for the first week of summer split?

Meteos: Not having Hai affected our ability to prepare for the summer split. having to play with another mid laner changes the team chemistry and then going back changes it further. Trying to take time off to see family between All Stars and the summer split cut into our practice time as well which has lead to us under performing.

Did the changes in play caused by the 4.7 patch influence this at all?

Meteos: I don’t think this specific patch affected our performance. The game is constantly changing, we just haven't practiced enough to keep up with it.

Did any teams stand out right away as having adapted in particular?

Meteos: Dig and LMQ looked really good the first week.

Your first match against TSM was fairly methodical. Do you think TSM was also still a bit uncomfortable with the new roster?

Meteos: Possibly. I think the biggest factor in the first C9 vs TSM game was the preparation. I think we prepared better than they did, on top of having the blue side advantage which gave us a better draft for the match

What's your impression of Amazing as a jungler?

Meteos: Amazing looks good, he has really good mechanics and plays all of the meta junglers.

Despite having quite possibly the most major roster change, Dignitas came out gates at a full sprint while many other teams are still building synergy. What do you think has allowed them to show up so strong?

Meteos: They're good players with a good supporting staff on the team. They've been practicing a lot in solo queue which has given them really strong mechanics. They usually get an advantage early game which they use to snowball into mid and late game.

One of the main criticisms of their roster shift was that it wouldn't necessarily improve the team strategically. Do you think they have changed on that front?

Meteos: Dignitas quite possibly has the strongest supporting staff this season, including a coach, several analysts, and a life coach so the players can focus on the game. I think that a devoted supporting staff can really improve a team.

Cloud9 and CLG have now faced off twice. Both teams are known for being the most  strategic teams in the NA LCS, but both games between you two ended up becoming huge bloodbaths with a lot of aggressive flashes and fights. Can you think of any reason the games play out this way?

Meteos: I think games between C9 and CLG turn into blood baths because both of our teams like playing aggressively and we go for fights and plays when we’re behind even if it’s risky.

Although Curse has had a rough run so far, many of their games  have been extremely close. Do you think there are any deciding factors preventing them from getting more victories?

Meteos: Curse looks like a good team but it seems like random stuff goes wrong in their LCS matches. Not sure if there’s any one thing prevents them from getting more wins.

Despite their losses, Curse manages to draw out many of their games and keep matches extremely close but Cloud9 was able to close out their match in under 30 minutes. Do you think you did anything differently or did everything just go right?

Meteos: Our game versus Curse went really well from the beginning. We got 3 early kills and were able to snowball the game by taking their objectives and having full vision control of the map. It’s almost impossible for a team to come back from that deficit unless we mess up.

LMQ has been performing very well and developed an early lead on Cloud9 in both you matches. In the first match, however, Cloud9 managed to come back from the early deficit. What was the situation in that match?

Meteos: LMQ outplayed us really hard early game and were able to get a huge gold lead early in the game from dragon, turrets, and first blood. They invested a lot of gold into vision control so we had to play really carefully and do our best to farm up while conceding control of the map. We picked some good fights and managed to get back into the game and ultimately, I think, it came down to us out scaling them with our picks and having a good team comp against them, even if our picks weren't good in lane.

What is your impression of their style compared to other Chinese teams such as WE and OMG?

Meteos: I find it hard to compare styles between teams. In my opinion it just seems like every team does their best to win without really worrying about style. Most teams play meta champions, try to win lanes, and then snowball their early game advantages into vision control and go from there. LMQ is pretty aggressive compared to most other teams that we play.

With talent acquisition like Altec and, more recently, Helios on EG, is it possible to tell if it is a good pick up right away or is it hard to say without time?

Meteos: Like most roster changes, only time will tell how it works out. There are a lot of factors that go beneath the surface with players rather  than just their skill in the game such as their commitment to improvement, their ego, their communication skills, and their synergy with each other.

Thanks for answering my questions. Any shout outs you would like to add?

Meteos: Sure, I’d like to thank our sponsors. HyperX, Logitech, Alienware, Lol-Class, NEEDforSEAT, Homejoy, sideqik, and the Airforce Reserve.